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January 13, 2010


Shannon Hudnell


Abstract Lucidity

Port Orange, Florida


Open Letter And Rebuttal

Dear Shannon:

This letter is in reply to your continued efforts to vex and harass us for the last five {5} years. Dr. Christopher the target of your ire left the building a long time ago. Darcy Spears the Investigative Reporter in Las Vegas who provided you a few seconds of air time in 2005 stopped taking your calls years ago.

Traci Glon aka Ariane Glon aka Ariane Enterprises aka Art of AG  milked your attorney’s for free advice and moved on with her life too, bidding you Adieu and leaving you to pay the bill.

We know it must have been an exhilarating experience to think you finally caught a bad guy. You even celebrated the airing of Darcy Spears report by picking up your DUI that night.

Even your attorney G. Luke Ciciliano used you to pad his bank account. There was never a need for this case to proceed to trial. G. Luke Ciciliano worked you over good and then lost all of your counterclaims. Now you’re on the hook for $43,000.00 in legal fees on top of all the money you wasted on G. Luke Ciciliano. Let’s face it G. Luke Ciciliano left you holding the bag and is about to walk out the door.  Did you think that Darcy or Traci or Luke were your friends? Did you think you would have an annual reunion talking about how you almost took down Dr. Christopher; News flash Shannon Hudnell Dr. Christopher is a ghost!

We feel your pain. You’re so emotionally wrapped up in this thing because it was such a rush for a few months. But Shannon that was years ago. It’s time for you to move on with your life. Listen you’re almost a {50} fifty year old housewife; there’s more to life than pounding away at your keyboard posting Rip Off Reports against people who you believe have slighted you.

Next time please consider an exit strategy in case your attack doesn’t proceed according to plan. It looks like everyone else did except you. We imagine you in a dark restaurant and one by one each person Dr. Christopher, Darcy Spears, Traci Glon and finally G. Luke Ciciliano excuse themselves and depart. Then the check arrives and it’s time to cough up $43,000.00. Have you told your husband Troyce Hudnell? Did you know that in the sister litigation involving your attorney and his new Florida doctor client  that in the event she prevails she may be entitled to collect against the judgment for legal fee’s entered against you by Dr. Christopher and she’s like right there in your backyard. So what’s a lien on your home especially if you have negative equity anyway? Right!

Dr. Christopher wouldn’t have arranged this type of situation would he? I mean your lawyer who is also representing another client may move against you for fee’s due in a sister case to pay off his other client.

Listen, Shannon we hope someone who cares about you will read this and encourage you to let go before you lose your grip.

You seem to be escalating and now are filing Rip Off Reports on sites not owned or operated by us. That’s not cool! Is it okay to tell them how to contact you when they email us wondering what’s up?

Here’s a couple of things you can do to improve your life and to avoid modeling an orange jumpsuit and chilling at the crowbar motel someday soon.

1. Fire G. Luke Ciciliano as your attorney and your life and financial situation will improve radically.

2. Become a blood donor or give of your talents in some form of community service

We’ve never waived on this one: Go to church and get recovery!

You live in Port Orange, Florida one of the sunniest places on earth. Enjoy yourself and thank your lucky stars that you’re not living in Haiti.

You were the perfect choice for this project. When you lied to us and told us you were ten miles away and then horned in front of the other models, ten minutes later, we just knew you would work, and you did! Hope you read our upcoming book. We couldn’t have done it without you! Hey it was really fun but we have to go now! Thanks for the memories and if necessary paying our bill to the Florida doctor.

Life is short Pray hard!


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