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Las Vegas Art Gallery Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Las Vegas Art Gallery Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Las Vegas Art Gallery Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

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Anna Mitchel

Models that Murder

It was mid month of October 2002 and Kyle had dropped off a number of completed photo and modeling applications. While thumbing through the stack one set of paperwork seemed out of place. Her name was Anna and the accompanying photo seemed beyond even Kyle’s style for his normal pump and dump method of completing sessions for each and every model that walked through the door.

Her look appeared disjointed as if she was attempting to conceal rage or other burdensome emotion from the photographer.

The photos of her in street clothes including brown sweater complimented her hair perfectly; the remaining photos suggested a tormented soul.

Nothing much more was processed regarding her application or of inviting her back to participate in any additional sessions. Kyle was a large man who had previously worked as a club bouncer and could talk his way out of anything except a warrant but a decision was made to vault this portfolio and not initiate any further contact with her as a subject and model. One day years later while seeking to reconnect with other previous applicants through an internet search the name “Anna Mitchel” appeared as part of a local murder news report in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Her file was quickly retrieved and age and address was verified. She appeared as a blonde in her court photo but the facial features looked very similar to the original photos from 2002 less than two years prior.

Anna allegedly worked at the Stardust now imploded whose building spirit rests on and beneath the ground of the rusting hulk of its replacement resort the “Echelon”.  (See Echelon pictures below)

While employed at the Stardust Anna a black jack dealer would complete her shift and return home to host late night drug & alcohol parties and orgies.

One particular evening she tired of the unwanted sexual advances of a young man from Ohio strangled him with a pair of pantyhose. She sawed off his legs and burned the corpse and buried him in the backyard. Eventually her roommate noticed a hand protruding from the ground in the yard and Police were summoned. A barbeque grill plate and a long saw blade were recovered from underneath the body buried in a shallow grave. This from the Las Vegas Review Journal Account; [1] however other stories have surfaced as to how this gruesome crime was discovered including that Anna approached a co-worker and asked if they would assist in the removal of the body from the backyard to be transferred to a new burial site. The enclosed photo is of the gate leading to the backyard of her former home.

(See Anna Mitchel’s former Home below.)

An autopsy of the victim did not reveal a cause of death. The prosecution accepted a voluntary manslaughter plea as they did not believe they could prevail in a first degree murder conviction with a cause of death that was undetermined. Anna Mitchel admitted that she killed the victim in 2000[2] or two years prior to her session with Kyle!

May the soul of this innocent victim who suffered such a macabre death and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace!


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[1][2] Glenn Puitt

Las Vegas Review Journal

Thursday April 29, 2004


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